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A carnivorous mammal of the genus Felis;
masters of synchronous contradictions;
tiny ninjas with knives


To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination

Cats & Coddiwomple

A Guide to Planning Your Own Epic Adventures!

The goal of Cats and Coddiwomple is to provide an entertaining and informative resource for planning epic adventures of your very own.

This website was born out of a love of swapping travel stories with friends and family, and getting many requests for travel tips and recommendations. People were always asking me where I found out about an amazing experience or how I got tickets for a certain restaurant or activity.

 In general, my friends wanted to know how they could take their upcoming trip to the next level, and thought I could help! 

Then I thought, if my friends and family are interested in my travel experiences and recommendations, others may find this information informative or inspirational as well! 

So, I hope you enjoy my travel stories and tips, and that they are useful when you’re planning your next epic adventure! Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or requests for more information. 

So... what's with the cats?

I love to travel, but I also love cats! I have lived with several fabulous felines over the years and I am always on the lookout for all things cats as I explore near and far. So, I decided to include my passion for cats into this site as well!

I can’t be the only traveler out there who loves cats, right?

Amber with Andi in the RV

About me

Hi! I'm Amber!

It seems like just yesterday that I packed up the cats and left the suburbs to embark on an exciting new life in the city of Atlanta. 

At the moment I do have a day job, so I often work crazy hours and do not have as much time, flexibility, or funds to travel as much as we would like, but I definitely try! Maybe one day I will be able to travel/blog full time, but for now please be patient – I am adding new content as often as I am able. 

Aside from cats and traveling, I enjoy skydiving, scuba diving, photography, playing piano, scrapbooking, and lots of other outdoor adventures. 

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Seine River in Paris at Night

Cats & Coddiwomple: Most Recent Posts:


As many of you can relate, life has been rather crazy recently, and I had to shift focus away from this site & traveling to get some things taken care of before I can recommit to adding content. 

That being said, I have some fun new posts in the works that I hope to be adding to the site soon!

  • Tanzania Safari & Beach Adventure
  • Puerto Rico (featuring the cats of Old San Juan!)
  • Snowboarding Trips (VT, UT, &CO)
  • Cats & Adventures in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • 2024 Solar Eclipse Road Trip


Fingers crossed to be able to do my first adult trip to Disney/Universal in Orlando, FL this fall!

For now, check out the most recent posts on how I helped plan my birthday trip to Tanzania! 
And do something I don’t normally do – solicit the help of a travel agent as a special birthday treat for myself! 

Or check out lots of information about traveling to Tanzania & packing lists.

And stay tuned for all the dirty details about my epic adventure through Tanzania in my Travel Stories section & find inspiration for planning your own epic African adventure!

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You may travel here, but I just call it home: 

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